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Holden Volt set to be recalled

In the US, more than 64,000 Chevrolet Volt electric cars are being recalled, which is expected to prompt a recall of more than 200 Holden versions next week.

The Holden Volt plug-in hybrid electric car is expected to be recalled because some drivers forget to switch it off. An Australian recall notice is expected for the Holden Volt next week following a safety bulletin being issued for 64,000 Chevrolet versions of the same vehicle in the US overnight.

The problem is that the Volt's back-up petrol engine automatically switches on once the battery drains if drivers forget to switch off the car after it has been driven in electric mode. Authorities in the US are concerned that people could be affected by the fumes from the petrol engine in a confined space such as a garage.

A software update will limit the amount of time a Volt can be left in the "on" position

A statement from General Motors in North America said: "If the (petrol) engine runs for a long period of time within an enclosed space, such as a garage, carbon monoxide could build up." A warning chime alerts drivers if they exit the car without switching off the vehicle.

A software update will limit the amount of time a Volt can be left in the "on" position. About 200 Holden Volts have been sold since the model went on sale three years ago and the company says it is investigating the issue locally.

"We are aware of the recall being initiated in the US that may affect certain Holden Volt vehicles," said Holden spokeswoman Kate Lonsdale. 

"We are working closely with (General Motors North America) to assess the issue and determine the impact on vehicles sold in Australia. "Safety is our first priority and we will contact our Holden customers as soon as possible if any action is required."

Holden issued a record 14 recalls last year after its parent company General Motors was taken to task for covering up a recall for an ignition fault on cars dating back 10 years, which has so far been linked to at least 36 deaths in North America.