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Holden silent about plans for plant

General Motors Holden is remaining tight-lipped on the future use of its Elizabeth site. Source: News Limited

Holden corporate affairs executive director George Svigos said at this stage the company's focus was on producing cars. "From our perspective we have four years in front of us here and literally hundreds of thousands ofcars to build in that time," Mr Svigos said.

Premier Jay Weatherill this week said the State Government was attempting to find another carmanufacturer to buy Holden's Elizabeth site. Mr Svigos said the government had been "upfront" with Holden about the discussions, but declined to comment further.

Mr Weatherill said the government would exhaust all opportunities to continue manufacturing at the plant after Holden leaves Australia. He suggested other car makers may look to take over the fully-equipped plant and even gain access to the Holden brand.

"It may be that a particular car manufacturer might want to set up here but use the equity that's in the Holden brand to continue making cars," Mr Weatherill said.

"It's a very powerful brand and has not only recognition here in SA but also in some South East Asian countries." Mr Weatherill did not want to speculate about what car manufacturers might be interested but said he had some in mind. "These are not fanciful propositions, " Mr Weatherill said.

"These are propositions that have already had preliminary discussions." Mr Svigos ruled out selling the Holden brand to another company. What do you think should happen at the Holden plant?