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COTY 2007 judging criteria

Selecting the finalists

  • Eligibility is for cars launched on the market from November 1, 2006, to November 1, 2007, regardless of the price.
  • The contenders must be either new models or be substantial upgrades, including major engineering updates.
  • A garage of 48 initial nominations was pruned down to 11 after careful consideration by News Limited's national judging panel.
  • There are no second chances - 11 finalists will come down to one winner, which will be announced on November 23.


How we tested the field

  • Nine drivers examined 11 cars through exhaustive testing across three days.
  • Each judge painstakingly pored over every car in relevance to interior functionality, fit and finish, build-quality, space and ergonomics.
  • The field was driven on a wide mix of environments and road conditions: city, freeway, highway and country towns.
  • Each car was also let loose on Goulburn's Wakefield Park race circuit.
  • There were no stop watches, hence no lap times as this was no fast and furious exercise.
  • The object of the exercise was to see how competent all cars were in critical driving situations - steering, handling, braking, acceleration - within the legal confines and safety of a closed environment.
  • From the racetrack activity, testers were able to better assess grip thresholds, tyre balance, chassis performance and suspension.


How the winner is determined

  • From 10 criteria, judges are asked to award marks out of 10 taking into account the relativity of performance between each car.
  • Judges come up with an aggregate for each car.
  • They then list their choices from 1-11 (1 being the best).
  • The winner is determined on a points basis after all judges' scores have been collated.


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