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Car crash ends in slapstick shovel fight | video

We've seen some strange and violent examples of road rage -- and many of them from Russia, the source of this video footage. But this is one of the most bizarre outbursts yet, starting with a Toyota Camry and Mazda MPV -- usually the choices of very sensible citizens -- in a high-speed chase.

The two cars continue jousting with each other along the way until Toyota performs a sideswipe that punts the Mazda off the road and into a ditch. And then the action takes a on truly comedic flavour, turning into a slapstick fight with a knife against a shovel.  It looks like we're going to see blood when the Toyota driver appears with the knife, but the shovel-wielding Mazda owner is more than his clumsy match.

After Toyota man has a pratfall off the Mazda's roof, there's some more jousting and argy-bargy -- and the whole episode ends thankfully without serious injury to anything but pride.

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