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Bugatti Divo 2019 : New $8m hypercar confirmed

Bugatti's new $8m hypercar will be unveiled in August

Bugatti has teased its latest offering; a $7.8m hypercar that prioritises cornering and dynamics over out-and-out speed.

While Bugatti models like the Veyron and Chiron are designed with the relentless pursuit of insane acceleration and flying top speeds in mind, the brand is promising the Divo will be different.

That said, the Divo will be no slouch - it’s expected to use the same platform and powertrain as the ballistic Chiron, including its quad-turbocharged W16 engine good for 1118kW and - wait for it - 1600Nm.

But it will also be “made for corners”, according to Bugatti president, Stephan Winkelmann.

“Happiness is not around the corner. It is the corner. The Divo is made for corners,” he says.

“With the Divo, we want to thrill people throughout the world. With this project, the Bugatti team has an opportunity to interpret the brand DNA in terms of agile, nimble handling in a significantly more performance-oriented way.”

The name is taken from Albert Divo - a French racing driver for Bugatti in the 1920s who twice claimed the Targo Florio.

So what do we know? Well, we know that Bugatti is promising “enormous downforce and g-forces” owing to the Divo’s significantly lighter kerb weight than the Chiron, and the new focus on dynamics and handling.

It’ll also look very different to the Chiron, with Bugatti utilising its coach building experience to create a “distinctive new design (that) underlines driving dynamics.”

Bugatti will unveil the Divo at The Quail – A Motorsports Gathering event in California on August 24. Then they’ll be building just 40, so if you have the better part of $8m burning a hole in your (presumably very deep) pockets, you’ll need to act fast.

Will the Bugatti Divo be the ultimate track-day weapon? Tell us in the comments below.