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Bristol Cars rescued

The Bristol Fighter car.

….by Kamkorp Autokraft, part of the Frazer-Nash group.

The 66-year-old British luxury sports car firm went into liquidation in March after sales fell to less than 20 cars a year.

Kamkorp is a Swiss-based group specialising in electric and hybrid vehicle technology and is owned by Kamal Siddiqi, a London-based Indian businessman.

"Bristol Cars is a British institution and an important part of our national motoring heritage," spokesman William Chia said.

Frazer-Nash, a rival of Bristol in the post-WWII years, has since diversified into electric powertrains.

"In the next few months we will start to reveal our plans to combine Bristol Cars' tradition and iconic marque with Frazer-Nash's pioneering technology," Chia said.

"Despite our small production volume we offer four distinct models: The Fighter and Blenheim remain our primary offerings, while the Speedster and its new cousin the Roadster continue in very small numbers and to special order."

Kamkorp previously owned Electrosource, Metrocab and Think Nordic, a Norwegian electric vehicle manufacturer.