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Books open: 2024 Toyota GR Yaris back on the cards for order as Toyota Australia changes its delivery methods for its Hyundai i20 N, VW Polo GTI rival

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Toyota has sold almost 2600 GR Yarises.
Toyota has sold almost 2600 GR Yarises.

Toyota Australia has reopened the order books for its most popular GR performance model, the GR Yaris, coinciding with a visit from GR Company President, Tomoya Takahashi.

At a media roundtable with a small number of Australian reporters, Toyota Australia Vice President Sales, Marketing and Franchise Operations Sean Hanley made the announcement that order books would be reopened for the GR Yaris.

Additionally, Hanley confirmed Toyota Australia will alter the way it delivers GR performance cars to customers now that supply has ‘normalised’, meaning customers will receive their cars in relation to when they were ordered, like a regular queue.

“We always strive for a customer-first approach. So I’m pleased to announce that, for all GR performance cars, we’re moving to a first-in-first-out approach.

“What does that mean? That means, effective from July production, we’ll be prioritising the delivery of cars to customers based on the date they place their order. It’s the fairest way given the normalisation of supply. 

“And we are wanting that across a number of other Toyota models as well right now, but it’s a process. We’ve got legacy systems in place we have to change and work through. 

“However on GR that will be effective on production for all GR sports cars.”

Up to now, the GR Yaris has been Toyota Australia’s most popular GR model, with 2591 sales - 1590 of those standard models, plus 1001 Rallye editions. 

Toyota has also sold 1609 GR86s (not including the first-gen Toyota 86, not a GR product), 1171 GR Supras and 813 GR Corollas (25 of which were Morizo Editions).

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