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BMW 3-Series GT unveiled

As the BMW 3-Series range bifurcates into four-and-more-door 3-Series models and two-door 4-Series cars, it's getting a new addition: the 3-Series Gran Turismo, unveiled today at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

Like the 3-Series sedan it shares its leading moniker with, the 3er GT sports both 177 kilowatt 328i and 220 kilowatt 335i variants. Unlike the 3-Series, however, the Gran Turismo is closer in overall size to the 5-Series, much like the 5-Series GT is close to the 7-Series' size.

While the original studio photos showed the 3-Series GT in a fair light, the live photos cut through the gloss and glitter and reveal...a hatchback that still looks pretty svelte.

The proportionality shown in these live shots (which are typically more unforgiving than primped studio pics) is a welcome change from the ungainly 5-Series GT, and gives us hope that the car will be just as good-looking on the road.

The new 3 Series variant shares much with the existing F30 sedan and soon to be released Touring (or "wagon" in local speak) but it is built on a long wheelbase version of their platform. Designated F33, it is used in some Asian markets. The GT is unlikely to have any load advantage over a Touring but its versatility and point of difference are its strengths.

Only a few engine variants will come this way in GT form so Carsguide tips a 320d diesel entrant at about $64,000 and a 328i at about $69,000.