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Avis rental car company now offering car subscription service

From 28 days to 11 months, there are flexible options for users to choose.

In tough times, the smart adapt in order to thrive - and that seems to be the the aim for car rental company Avis, which has launched a new car subscription service called Avis Flex.

The service allows users to rent a car for a minimum period of 28 days, with a maximum loan period of 11 months currently available in Australia.

The company says that users will have “no upfront costs” and will “not be locked into any long-term commitments beyond the minimum period of 28 days” - meaning it could be a solid alternative to searching for a cheap car to commute to work.

Avis Flex subscribers can swap cars up to three times over an 11-month period, which isn’t as, ahem, flexible as rival services like GoGet car sharing and Carly subscriptions, which essentially offer users the opportunity to choose specific cars to suit their needs on a drive-by-drive basis. 

What about costs? According to the PR agency representing Avis, the company "cannot share rates as they differ by location and there are multiple factors involved in pricing". If you're interested, best to check out the Avis Australia website.

The move coincides with an easing of driving restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, and an increasing push for employees to return to workplaces around the country - though, understandably, many are looking to avoid public transport where possible.

“Many Australians are looking for flexible solutions in these uncertain times,” said Tom Mooney, managing director of Avis Budget Group, Pacific. “At Avis, we want to ensure that we are listening to consumer demands and adapting to provide the services our customers need. We are very excited to launch Avis Flex and ensure car rental is an accessible and convenient travel solution for all Australians.”

A few things to note: Avis Flex is only available to those 25 years of age or older, and all operating costs - such as servicing and tyres - are covered by the company. 

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