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Autobahns saved as German government rejects national speed limit

The German autobahns will remain speed-limit-free for the foreseeable future

Drivers in Germany will remain free to push the limits on the country's famed autobahns after the German government outright rejected calls to introduce a national speed limit.

The changes, proposed by the country’s National Platform on the Future of Mobility, were designed to help Germany meet its EU emissions targets. A paper sighted by news service Reuters carried the recommendation of a national 130km/h speed limit across Germany’s freeway network by 2023.

But German authorities have rubbished the proposals, making it abundantly clear there will be no change to the limit-free road network. "There are more intelligent control mechanisms than a general speed limit," said government spokesman, Steffen Seifert.

The country's transport minister, Andreas Scheuer, was even more brutal, labelling the push "against all common sense".

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Andrew Chesterton
Contributing Journalist
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