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All-paws and effect

The LS460 has just been revealed and has jumped to the top of the local Lexus wish list.

“It's under discussion for Australia, but there is no decision yet. We want it, but it's a decision that will be made in Japan,” Lexus spokesman Mike Breen says.

“We have requested it and we are waiting for confirmation from Toyota Motor Corporation.”

The 460 AWD has just been unveiled at the Moscow Motor Show, where Lexus was over-run by luxury-car buyers keen to get something special to combat Russian winter weather.

The car is almost identical to the regular LS, apart from an all-wheel-drive system that picks up the mechanical package fitted to the hybrid LS600hL. This uses a Torsen limited-slip differential to split torque between the front and rear axles.

“It's another option for a vehicle in that segment of the market. Our competitors have all-wheel drive and we'd like to offer our Lexus customers the option,” Breen says.

Several other LS upgrades are being considered for Australia's LS460, including an electric Ottoman that puts a business class-style airline seat into the back of the LS behind the front-seat passenger. It is already popular with LS600hL buyers here.

“Other upgrades are being considered, but we have nothing yet to announce,” Breen says.