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A road-focused LandCruiser with a car-based chassis? The 2025 LandCruiser Se could be Toyota's biggest gamble ever

The LandCruiser Se is firming for a 2025 launch (Image:

The Toyota LandCruiser Se is reportedly firming for a 2025 launch, with the monocoque-based all-electric SUV presenting as possibly the biggest shift in the iconic LandCruiser branding since its inception.

Toyota set the internet alight when it whipped the covers off the Se (or Sports Electric) LandCruiser at this year's Tokyo Mobility Show, with the brand hinting at a launch in 2026 – in time for the model to debut Toyota's latest-generation batteries, with solid-state technology on the table, but not yet confirmed.

But reports out of Japan now point to a 2025 launch for the new model, giving the Se something of an early mark.

The brand is keeping its cards close to its chest, but we do know the model is expected to focus more on on-road dynamics that wild off-roading, though a twin-motor 4WD electric powertrain is expected.

Unlike other vehicles to wear the LandCruiser brand, the Se will be built using a car-like monocoque chassis, rather than the ladder-frame more associated with off-road vehicles, but the brand has suggested it will be able to conquer "tough terrain".

"(It) offers the high-torque driving performance unique to BEVs, together with an elegant, stylish design. Toyota further broadens the Land Cruiser brand's appeal with a three-row SUV that caters to the world's diverse needs," the brand said at its unveiling.

"BEV quietness helps create a comfortable cabin space when driving in urban areas and other on-road situations. A monocoque body also offers highly responsive handling and confidence in tackling rough terrain."

The Se's total length and wheelbase of 5150mm and 3050mm respectively also makes the Tokyo concept the longest Toyota SUV in history.

But will a road-focused, all-electric Se be too big a departure for the LandCruiser faithful? Only time will tell.