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Sell your car fast

Selling your car can be daunting at the best of times.

Maybe you’re moving overseas or you’ve already paid the deposit on a new car. Either way, you need a quick car sale.

Selling your car can be daunting at the best of times and Australia’s harsh conditions can be rough on cars. Those little jobs you’ve been meaning to get to for months are forgotten. You know your car isn’t going to sell until you get these sorted.

So how do you sell your car fast? Here are our top tips.

Make sure it looks good

If you’re a busy person and the sale is urgent it might be best to get your car professionally detailed. This is the easiest option but it can set you back a few hundred dollars. We think this is worth considering as it can boost your car’s value significantly. 

If you own a dog or smoke in your car, this is almost essential. There may be odours present that you do not notice but could scare away potential buyers.

Close-ups of scratches and small damages may seem detrimental, but should give a buyer the idea that you are being honest.

If you can’t afford detailing, at least spend a few hours giving it a thorough wash inside and out. A sneaky tip: Toothbrushes work wonders on textured surfaces.

Take some impressive photos

“I’m not a photographer though!” – That may be the case, and it’s probably not worth paying a professional photographer, but modern smartphones will do an excellent job if you avoid shooting in the dark and harsh shadows.

Remember to take photos from all the most important angles. That’s: front ¾, rear ¾, side view and interior shots of the front and rear seats. Not showing photos of at least these angles could frustrate potential buyers or inundate you with requests for other angles. A popular one we often see on private listings is the odometer reading for proof of kilometres travelled.

Close-ups of scratches and small damages may seem detrimental, but should give a buyer the idea that you are being honest.

Putting your ad online

Make sure all of your research is done. Start by using our free valuation tool, but make sure you check the current private used listings for your make and model to see what prices are being asked in the wild. If you can pick a listing most similar to yours and undercut it, even by a few dollars this will boost your views. 

If there’s a lot of competition, this strategy is even more important to give your ad prominence.

Make sure you have the facts mentioned in your ad 100 per cent correct, including the exact make, model and trim level. will generally bring up your car's essential details simply by entering your registration number and state

When writing your ad make sure you stress any extras like a sunroof, sporty body parts and definitely anything that can be labelled ‘limited edition’. By the same token, be honest about negatives, this will avoid disappointment from anyone who comes to inspect the car. Focus on any value additions like new tyres, long rego or a recent major service.

Allow plenty of time for inspections

Catering to other people’s schedules will help maximise potential buyers. The more you can make your availability convenient for the buyer, the more will be able to take a look at your car.

What if your car is under finance?

Selling a car quickly under finance can be a little more difficult, but shouldn’t present a major hurdle, especially if you take the extra time to commit to a transaction with your financial institution. Make sure you understand what finance arrangement your car is under before listing it.

Have you ever hit any hurdles when trying to sell a car? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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