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Wind noise in my 2022 Haval Jolion Lux

I have excessive wind noise in the two front doors of my 2022 Haval Jolion Lux. It's getting worse every week and I assume it's affecting fuel efficiency.

If the problem is getting worse, then there's clearly something deteriorating with either the doors themselves or the rubber seals that keep the air and water out. You could start by visually inspecting the rubber seals. Is there any obvious damage (such as a seat-belt buckle been left hanging out when the door was slammed shut)? Are there any witness marks or visible fretting on the paintwork from any component. Even a stray leaf caught between the door and the rubber can cause a leak, so give the area a good clean and see if that helps.

The door hinges could also be at fault, but I'd be a bit surprised if a car as new as this one has worn hinges already. In the bad old days, this problem was usually fixed by grabbing the window frame part of the door and bending it in slightly to achieve a better seal. That probably won't help you, but keep in mind the car is still under warranty, so make it Haval's problem.

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