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What was the original retail price for a 1998 Daimler V8 Saloon?

What was the brand-new, retail price for a Daimler V8 long wheel base Saloon in 1998?

The Daimler with its V8 engine retailed back then for the princely sum of $188,500 which was comfortably more than a family house in a decent suburb of most Australian cities at the time.

But it's also interesting to look back at what the Daimler was selling against in those days. In this case, it was cars like the Mercedes-Benz S420 S-Class which retailed for an even more impressive $229,300 and the BMW 7-Series 740iL at $208,000.

The great news for fanciers of these cars now is that thanks to buyer trepidation at the thought of complex, imported components going expensively wrong, any of this trio are bargains today. Any of them can be found in good condition for comfortably under $20,000 of today's dollars and, if you're prepared to take a punt and walk away if it all goes wrong, they can be brilliant cars for weekends away, even if their projected running costs precludes them as everyday transport.

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