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VW dual-glutch gearbox

Call me a purist, but I was very disappointed when I looked at a VW Polo GTI and found that it was not available with a conventional manual transmission. I thought that was strange for a supposedly light and good value car. The salesman persuaded me to try it anyway, and I liked it more than I expected. Is there much data coming in yet on how reliable they are compared to a simple clutch? I think VW were one of the first to introduce the dual clutch transmission?

VW was certainly an early adopter of the dual-clutch gearbox, and  they have had quite a deal of trouble with it in other models where they've used it. There are certainly a lot of frustrated VW owners out there who have experienced problems with the DSG gearbox. My opinion is that it is not trouble free at this point and I would not buy one myself. I would prefer a conventional manual gearbox; it's simple, proven and reliable. The only issue is that because manuals are on the way out they are not getting much attention from carmakers.