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Servicing issues with a 2019 Subaru XV

At the last service of my 2019 Subaru XV, the dealership advised "front lower control arm bushes are split will need to be replaced". Subaru has so far refused to do repairs under warranty which expires at the end of March 2024. The car was bought new in March 2019. It had done (at the time of service) 45,778km. It has never been off road. It has never towed anything and doesn't have a tow bar. Subaru is claiming normal wear and tear and driving style are responsible and therefore not a warranty matter. They refuse to say what driving style would do the damage.

It's true that suspension bushes, like brake pads, batteries and tyres are subject to normal wear and tear and, therefore, are generally not covered by a new-car warranty. And, to be honest, I don't think almost 50,000km is an outrageous interval for replacing front suspension bushes on a front-wheel-drive car. It's not brilliant, but not terrible.

But it would be worth going over the dealership's head and speaking directly to Subaru Australia's customer service department to see if it would be interested in helping out with the cost of repairs. You should point out that the car has always been serviced by Subaru and that the problem occurred within the warranty period. Meantime, driving style can affect the life of components like these and (just like tyres) if you corner fast and drive on rough roads, anything will wear out faster.

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