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Selling torana

COULD you advise the best place to sell and what price I could expect for a 1970 Holden Torana SL four-door sedan? It has travelled 59,000km, is registered with original plates and insured for $5000. There is some ``mileage'' visible on the bodywork; however, the interior and indeed most of the car is in as original condition as you could hope for, including Nasco mud flaps, 2250 petrol cap and the original spare tyre. Radials were fitted for safety. It has the 2250cu cm motor, bucket seats and column gearshift.

IT'S hard to put a price on it because it's not a model that's highly sought after by collectors. The value is in its originality and condition. I'd think $4000-$5000 would be tops. You could consider auctioning it at a classic car auction house, advertise it in a specialist magazine or approach a Holden car club where you would meet people with a passion for Holdens. My choice would be to advertise it in a specialist magazine.