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Ryan Vanderhorst ASKED THE GUIDE

Finding insurance for 1974 Torana

I have owned a 1974 Torana for over three years, it is in great condition and ready to go on the road, but I am stuck for insurance. One company won't insure me because I have had too many speeding fines, 10 in that last five years, but none in the last two, another won't insure for theft if I drive it to a supermarket or shopping centre, one other will only insure me for third party, not fire or theft, others say it is too old. I can't be the only one in this predicament, what can I do?

Try Lumley Special Vehicles or Vigil, they're two other companies that insure classic and modified cars. I can't comment on your driving record, that's for them to decide of the basis of risk.