Lynnette Wiggins ASKED THE GUIDE

Right oil for Impreza

When I had my Subaru Impreza serviced by an independent service outlet recently they used 10w-40 semi-synthetic oil, not the 0w-20 synthetic oil specified in the owner's manual. When I queried them I was told that 0w-20 is too light and that it isn't available in Australia. Am I being taken for a ride?

We checked with Subaru and were told that you should follow the manufacturer's recommendation for engine oil as specified in the owner's manual. Subaru also told us that 0W-20 engine oil is available in Australia and can be purchased through Subaru dealers. They also said that you could rest assured that although the engine will not be delivering maximum power, maximum torque, best fuel economy or best exhaust emissions, no harm will have come to the engine by using 10W-40 engine oil.