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Problems with the AdBlue sensor in a 2021 Mitsubishi Express

I have a Mitsubishi Express 2021. I have been adding AdBlue to it since I bought it with no issue. The last time though, the sensor did not recognise that AdBlue had been added. I stopped several times to add more, but the counter kept ticking down. Since I live in the country and travel long distances, I was unable to get to Mitsubishi before it counted to zero, then the car went into complete shutdown.

The NRMA couldn't get it going and it has been over a week at the dealership, and they have still not been able to diagnose the problem. The NRMA guy said he was getting more and more regular calls about AdBlue sensors not working properly and the computer shutting down the engine. Is this something that happens a lot with the Mitsubishi Express, and should it be taking the dealership so long to even diagnose the problem? If it's a computer glitch, shouldn't it be a quick fix?

If it's as simple as the AdBlue sensor not telling the computer that more AdBlue has been added to the tank, then yes, it would seem like a pretty simple fix. But it may not be that simple. If there's a blockage in the tank or the line that takes the AdBlue to the car's exhaust (where it's injected into the exhaust to reduce harmful tailpipe emissions) then the car may still 'think' that there's no AdBlue on board.

There could also be more to restarting an engine that has shut itself down than simply adding more AdBlue, too. Perhaps there's a specific restarting procedure that has to be followed, perhaps involving resetting the computer manually. One would imagine, however, that a dealership that sells the cars new would be aware of this.

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