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Nissan Pathfinder: Piston failure

I've had three 2.5-litre Nissan Navara utes since 1997 - all of which have done over 280,000 km - and I have gotten used to the reliability of Nissan engines. I recently purchased a 2006 2.5-litre diesel Nissan Pathfinder, which had clocked up 140,000 km, with the idea that I could double this kilometrage. But upon taking out the engine, number two piston has a crack in the top, and to put it back in order I will have to replace four pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets and rebore it. An experienced engine-rebuilder told me the piston failure was due to 'over-fueling', which could be traced back to the computer and the air-intake sensor. Now, the sensor itself is either faulty or sending out incorrect signals? A list of new parts comes to $4600 or so. Maybe Nissan would be gracious enough to supply these to me at half the cost, I would be happy to cover the labour charges. What do you think?

It's possible that they might come to the party and help out with part of the cost of repairs, so you should approach them with a claim. You might find, however, that because the car is six years old, you bought it secondhand so there's no record of its previous use, and it's well out of warranty I think your claim could be rejected.