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Nissan Murano 2010: Possible transmission problems

I have a question about the 2010 Nissan Murano Ti Z51 Series 2 auto 4x4 MY10. The car has been driven by a mom and has done 165,000 km. She was driving normally and the car suddenly went wrong. She had to stop it, but then she could not start the engine. She asked the mechanic, and they claimed it was a transmission problem, and could cost from $100-$2500 to fix.

Can you tell from this information what’s happened to this car? And does it happen a lot to the Murano, because I’m thinking about buying one?

I can’t say for sure what has gone wrong with the car, a mechanic would need to assess it firsthand to be able to tell you that. But the transmission is a CVT, which can be troublesome, but it might be as simple as changing the oil, or it might be that it needs to be replaced.

I wouldn’t be buying a Murano that’s done a lot of kilometres without having the transmission assessed by an expert mechanic.