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Holden Colorado 2013: Any known issues with the LTZ?

I'm looking at buying a MY13 Holden Colorado LTZ. Are there any specific issues I should look out for? A few just below the 100,000 km mark are popping up, so I'm looking at getting one of these rather than paying an extra few grand for 30,000 km less on the clock. It's my first time purchasing a car, so any assistance would be appreciated.

You're getting into the Colorado at about the right time, when they've done around 100,000 km. If you're going manual check the clutch, that's a bit of a weak point, but other than that go for the best car you can find. One thing to focus on is wear and tear from use as a work vehicle. Look at damage in the bed, dents and scrapes on the body from being worked hard on the job site. Overall they're a pretty good thing.