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Geoff Budge, Ferntree Gully, Vic. ASKED THE GUIDE

Iveco Daily 50C18 dealer issues

I am having trouble with 2008 Iveco Daily 50C18, which I use as a recreational vehicle. It's only done 16,000 km in 2? years, but has spent much of that time at Iveco dealers. Two of these problems have resulted in very scary and dangerous incidents that could have caused major accidents, risking lives. I have contacted Iveco, but they are not being helpful. I feel they are trying to use up the warranty time, which ends in December, so they can buzz me off. In summary, the engine management system keeps giving me false diagnostic readings, the diff is noisy and has been replaced twice, the automatic gearbox hesitates and picks the wrong gear, the driver's window doesn't work as it is meant to, the front-end was out, tyres wear quickly and they also blow out, the sliding door rattles, there was a faulty wiper arm, I have been advised that it is not suitable as a tow vehicle for my caravan, as backing a heavy caravan or trailer up a hill etc. will damage the gearbox or the clutch. I have noticed a slight clutch shudder when taking off in low gears. I have lost faith in Iveco and believe I have a lemon. I have lodged a complaint with Consumer Affairs, but have not had a response to date. Please help.

We have contacted Iveco on your behalf and requested their response to your claims. While not trying to second-guess the company's comments I believe some of your concerns are unfounded. The gearbox, for instance, is an automated manual shift unit, which is a regular manual gearbox fitted with an automatic shift device, so it has the same gearbox and clutch as the straight manual gearbox, and there are no towing issues with that. The noisy diff has been replaced, so you can't be critical of Iveco for that, the wiper arm is easy to replace, the electric windows should be simple, which really leaves the main issue as the logic of the gear selection. Most automated shift gearboxes hesitate as they shift gears, it happens when the clutch is disengaged, the gear changed and the clutch re-engaged, which can feel awkward and definitely not as smooth as a regular auto trans. That's why VW developed the DSG gearbox, which employs two clutches for smoother, faster shifts.