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Hyundai i30: Would a diesel be suitable for Uber use?

I have just read Tim Robson's review of the new i30. I already own one 3 years old, but I need to replace an older Mazda 3, and was wondering what your opinion is of the new i30 diesel version. I drive Uber 3\4 days a week, so the diesel appears an option, although friends more knowledgeable than I am are saying diesel is not great within the city. Despite loving the current i30 for Uber because it's so nippy around the city, the boot space is limited with airport drop offs and pickup. Some suggestions would be appreciated. I am also looking at Mazda3.

Graham Smith ANSWERED BY Graham Smith
14 September 2017

Diesels deliver their efficiency benefits best when on the open road, but it would still be more convenient for Uber use because they'd need to be refuelled less often than the petrol. The only thing I'd be concerned about re inner-city use would be the diesel particulate filter. If you only drive around the city, this probably wouldn't give the DPF the chance to cycle itself every now and again, which can lead to very costly repairs. If you do head out onto the motorway occasionally, this wouldn't be an issue. The new i30 is an excellent small hatch though, and I wouldn't hesitate recommending it.