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What vehicle can I put my small motor home on?

I HAVE a small motor home sitting on a 1985 Nissan 720 twin cab with a lazy axle, but I've discovered it has a cracked chassis. Can I put the body on a single-axle, long-wheel-base one-tonne vehicle, such as a Nissan Navara, Mazda Bravo or a Toyota Hilux?

HAVE you thought about repairing the chassis? Cracking is not necessarily the end of the world. I'd check with a chassis specialist who can inspect the cracking and determine if it's worth repairing. If you are intent on fitting the body to another vehicle it comes down to the weight of the camper body. Think about the weight when it's fully laden with all the gear you plan to take with you. The vehicles you're thinking of are nominally one-tonne utes, so they should do the job providing your camper is one tonne or less when full of gear.