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Holden Trax 2014: Various problems

Asked by Bianche

I have a 2014 Holden Trax LTZ. After 18 months I found the roof paint was peeling. I went to Holden and showed it to them; they said it was because of bird poo and it was not covered by warranty. Lucky I paid extra and the insurance for paint and rust protector fixed it. After a year again I have another problem with the paint fading on top of the back door and it was fixed by the insurance again. After three years I notice the carpet inside the car is soaking wet and found a pool of water had eaten the back of my car which was fixed by the Holden dealer after they found the leak that caused the water inside my car. They didn’t change the carpet; they only dried it, which I’m not happy about. Now, after nearly four years I’m starting to have problems with the steering locking and dead ignition. I have had it serviced twice already, but they didn’t fix the problem. They blame the rain protector draining, but now they pull out the rust protector as they say it is faulty. Today, the car played up again and when I parked the car and turned off the ignition both front and back wiper just move and got stuck. Turned on ignition and it was dead again. I tried to turn it on for five times but nothing happened until I rested it for maybe 2-3 mins and it turned on again. I really am worried and feel unsafe with this car. Can you help me with this and is it normal for a brand new car to have problems like this for only three years and a few months?

Answered by CarsGuide

18 May 2018 Graham Smith

For starters it’s not a new car now, it’s four years old, so problems car arise with it. It’s possible you have a worn ignition switch, or it could be an electrical problem that’s behind your starting issue. Take it back to your dealer, or a mechanic to have it checked and fixed.

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