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Bianca Bennett ASKED THE GUIDE

Flaking paint on 2015 Holden Trax

I purchased a Holden Trax new in 2015. The paint on the bonnet and roof has started to flake off in patches. I raised the issue with the dealer earlier this year, lodged a warranty claim and was rejected. Unsatisfied with the service and decision, I took the matter further and contacted Holden Customer Care. Unfortunately, I have once again been informed that Holden will not be fixing the paint. So after nearly six months of disputing, I am back at square one. Their response was: “it was caused from external factors, including bird droppings". Any help you could give me would be much appreciated.

Are they saying their paint isn't capable of withstanding the odd drop of bird poo? Holden’s response is unsatisfactory. Seek the help of a paint specialist who should be able to give you an assessment of what caused the flaking, and then take that assessment to Holden. Another option is to take your claim to VCAT.