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Holden Cruze 2011: Transmission problems

I have a 2011 Holden Cruze SRiV hatch and early last year I noticed a problem with the automatic transmission. Luckily the car was still under warranty. Holden replaced the transmission and the day I was due to pick it up they phoned to say that the new transmission had not passed their tests and so they have ordered another one in. After over a month I got my car back. In October last year it still wasn't right, so November in the car went again for another transmission replacement. Holden not only replaced the transmission but the radiator and associated components. Well, the car is back at Holden for potentially the fourth replacement transmission. They are reluctant to do it, but have acknowledged there is an issue but are thinking of bringing the engineers from Melbourne up. Advice/thoughts?

Holden is at least showing a desire to fix your car, and getting the engineers to look at it would be worthwhile, but it must getting to the point that the car should be called a ‘lemon’ even though we don’t have such laws in this country. If this had happened in the US there is little doubt that the car would have been replaced or you would have had your money refunded. I would be looking to come to an agreement with Holden to get out of the car.