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Holden Cruze 2011: Fast flashing red light

I have a 2011 JH Holden Cruze CDX petrol. The red light to indicate the alarm is on the dash is blinking very fast. I couldn’t start my car this morning and it was the battery. But the light continues to flash faster than normal. Any suggestions on what might be wrong? My partner put a code reader on it and nothing came up.

Car alarms have a really bad habit of draining batteries. Aftermarket ones are the worst, but even the factory alarm can cause a run of flat batteries if it’s not working properly. The faster flashing red light on your dashboard is the clue that something has altered in the alarm or its settings.

An auto electrician can be your best friend in these cases. By the way, not all scanners are created equal and some of the cheaper, online versions don’t cover all the functions of a modern car. A Holden workshop will have the proper scanning tools to make a coherent diagnosis.