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Holden Colorado 2015: Diff seal replacement

My 2015 Holden Colorado 4x4 had the rear diff seal replaced (78,000 km). The dealer said it was due to water in the diff; six weeks later the yoke and seal in the rear diff had to be replaced due to it leaking again. After a couple of months the diff started to make a winding noise. The dealer said the diff had water in it again and would not be covered by warranty and a replacement diff was $5250 without labour. How can this water keep getting into my diff when I don't go off road or drive through water, could the water get into the diff if the seals were leaking and I am driving in the rain?

Water shouldn’t get into the diff by merely driving in the rain; the seals should be good enough to keep water from getting into the diff even when driving through creeks and water crossings. Something more than a dud seal is at play here. Have the dealer make a more thorough check of the diff, and don’t pay for a replacement until the cause of the leakage is established.