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Ford Ranger 2019: What is the noise coming from my car?

I have a 2018 MY19 Ford Ranger Bi-Turbo PXIII and, ever since purchasing it, when it is at full-lock and I'm reversing out of a driveway or something similar where the vehicle drops down, there is a loud crunching noise from either the front left or right of the vehicle depending on which way I'm turning. I have spoken to the service department at the dealership I brought it from and they said it’s called lock stop where two parts of metal hit each other on full-lock and their suggestion is to grease up the two surfaces to stop the noise. I'm worried that it might be doing damage to the vehicle though because the sound isn't very pleasant.

I’ve heard of this before, Sam, and it does seem that it’s caused by the lock-stops banging together and causing the noise you’re hearing. The lock-stop, meantime, is a simple, mechanical device that stops the front wheels turning too far, and to do that, it simply uses one piece of metal that literally bumps into another piece on full lock to prevent further movement. And that’s the noise you’re hearing. That it only happens on with the steering on full lock is the big clue here.

Greasing the bits of metal might quieten things down a bit, but I was under the impression that this model Ranger had little plastic caps on the metal parts to prevent the metal-on-metal contact and, therefore, the horrible noises. Either way, I’d be having an expert check the front suspension to make sure the noise isn’t coming for another, more sinister source. You can’t be too careful with this stuff and since the vehicle should still under warranty, what have you got to lose?