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Do you think it's service overkill for Toyota to say it requires a service equivalent to a 75,000kms service?

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I purchased a 2018 200 Series LandCruiser GXL late last year that had travelled 26,000kms. It has done 30,000 km and is due for a service in March (I had it serviced after I purchased it and just before it turned three in September 2021) based on the six months or 10,000kms service interval.

My question is this; do you think it's service overkill for Toyota to say it requires a service equivalent to a 75,000kms service? This will require the replacement of four engine hoses, net cost $800-plus. Let me know your thoughts?

I agree that the requirement to change hoses with just 30,000km on the odometer sounds like overkill. But bear in mind that those 30,000km probably involved 1000 heat-cycles (where the engine is heated when started and cooled when you stop). And that’s the sort of thing – along with time – that will make components like hoses deteriorate. And that’s the key to this: Time also plays a part in the way materials like rubber degrade in a car’s engine bay.

So, it’s not as simple as Toyota’s engineers having worked out that a car’s hoses need replacing at 75,000km. They’ve also taken into account those effects of time passing. And that’s why the hose-change interval might be 75,000km or three years, whichever comes first.

If your car was still covered by factory warranty, I’d say you’d be mad to skip the hose change and risk voiding the warranty if anything went wrong related to those hoses. But since your car came with a three-year warranty when it was new, that has now expired.

And with that in mind, maybe it’s time to seek out a specialist workshop that isn’t a Toyota dealership and see what it says about the condition of the hoses and whether they need replacing or not.

I’m not saying you’re being unnecessarily upsold or gouged on this service, but it’s worth asking to see the factory service schedule that dictates the hose change you’ve been quoted on. If the workshop can’t produce it, then I’d be going elsewhere.

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