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Do you have to pay stamp duty when moving states?

I originally bought my 2013 Subaru Impreza in the ACT. I have moved to NSW four years later and have been to the RMS to change my registration over to NSW. They questioned the zero amount paid as stamp duty on the purchase. In ACT, as my car is listed as A class so the stamp duty is zero and after verified it with the ACT the RMS agreed and issued my new plates. Three days later they insist on collecting stamp duty after all and want three percent of the market value, i.e. $420, as they don't accept that I have met the obligations to pay but as it was zero they say I haven't paid any. What do I need to do to satisfy their insistence that I still have a liability for stamp duty. All I have done is move from ACT to NSW.

My reading is that you are liable for stamp duty on transferring the registration to NSW, irrespective of what you paid when you bought the car new.