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Clubman S servicing issues

I have been having problems with my 2009 Mini Clubman S, which I bought it new. It has now done 87,000 km and has always been serviced by my BMW dealer. I have had to replace two timing chains, including the tensioner, and another tensioner has recently been replaced. After arguing my case, this was done under warranty. I had a thermostat housing replaced this year as well, which I had to pay for, and now I have to replace the high-pressure fuel pump. The cost of the repair is around $1700. I was refused "goodwill" by the dealer, and got the same answer from BMW customer service. I understand that the car is quite old, however, but this is a known issue with these pumps and been acknowledged as such by BMW in America with owners offered extended warranty of 10 years or 100,000 miles. Do I have grounds to argue my case further, or should I just to pay for the repair and sell the car before even more problems occur?

You've always got the right to argue your case and try to negotiate a satisfactory outcome, but I doubt you would be successful with a car as old as yours. Unless you're prepared to invest a lot of time in the negotiations I would suggest you just cop it and get on with life.