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Changing belts in Micra?

My 2010 Nissan Micra K12 has just had the 100,000km service done at a Nissan dealer. The book states that the drive belt should be replaced at the 100,000km service, but the dealer told me it's done only if needed. Is that true, or do they get changed at 100,000km?

Graham Smith ANSWERED BY Graham Smith
11 September 2015

Are you talking about the cam belt, or the belt driving the alternator, water pump and other accessories? If you are talking about the latter it would usually only be changed if it was clearly worn when checked visually. If you're asking about the cam belt, the Micra has a chain, not a belt, so it doesn't need changing regularly. The only reason you might change it was if it was noisy and loose, when there's a risk that it could jump a tooth and damage the engine.