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2019 Haval H2: What are the headroom and legroom measurements?

I have a question about 2019 Haval H2 and H6 Headroom and Legroom measurements. I have had no luck finding the dimensions for the front and rear headroom and legroom for these cars. Does anyone know?

Detailed information like this is not usually included in the sales brochure. Nor do many (any?) road tests of a particular vehicle usually go into such detail. So in the end, I had to contact Haval Motors Australia which, in turn, contacted head office in China to find this info.

So, here’s how it pans out Kim: All the legroom figures are dependent on where the front seat is positioned and in the H2, front seat legroom is anything from 870mm to 1060mm. Rear seat legroom is from 650 to 910mm. In the H6, the same figures are 790 to 1000mm and 710 to 950mm respectively.

When it comes to headroom, front seat headroom in the H2 is 990mm and in the rear it’s 970mm. In the H6, the equivalent figures are 990mm and 950mm.

In the end, of course, those figures are just numbers and a far better idea is to visit a Haval showroom and take a seat in both vehicles to really see whether they suit you.