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The Civic quickly won a following in the early 1970s. It was stylish,...Read more
Before the hot XR6 was unleashed in 1992, fast Fords were V8-powered. So...Read more
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Suave and sure-footed, the Peugeot 306 was a small-car wonder. The Peugeot...Read more
THE Holden ute was a favourite work wagon for farmers, tradesmen and small...Read more
A joke went around in the early 1990s that if you removed the badges from...Read more
After several less-than-successful attempts to market small cars drawn...Read more
The user-friendly and reliable Porsche Boxster is one of the great...Read more
In an effort to turn the tide against relative newcomers Hyundai, Daewoo...Read more
Falcon GT owners and enthusiasts around the country are holding their...Read more
Mazda became a trendsetter seven years ago when it replaced the curvy 121...Read more
Boxster is arguably the purest Porsche of all. That’s because it uses a...Read more


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