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Mercedes-Benz 280
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Mercedes-Benz 280 Pricing and Specs

1986 price from

The Mercedes-Benz 280 is available from $2,600 to $7,810 for the 2021 across a range of models.

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Year Price From Price To
1986 $2,600 $7,810
1985 $2,600 $7,810
1984 $2,600 $7,810
1983 $2,600 $7,810
1982 $2,600 $7,810
1981 $2,600 $7,810
1980 $2,600 $8,250
1979 $2,600 $8,250
1978 $2,600 $7,810
1977 $2,600 $7,810
1976 $2,600 $6,930
1975 $2,700 $6,930
1974 $2,700 $6,930
1973 $2,700 $11,550
1972 $2,700 $11,550
1971 $3,000 $11,550
1970 $3,000 $6,160
1969 $2,700 $31,350
1968 $2,950 $31,350

Mercedes-Benz 280 FAQs

Check out real-world situations relating to the Mercedes-Benz 280 here, particularly what our experts have to say about them.

  • Merc doing well

    Thanks for your comments, Neil. I wonder if you would have had the same results using unleaded without the Fuelstar.

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  • Ripper car, but no gas

    YOU'LL find it hard to get anyone to convert your car to LPG. The demand for kits for more current models has the LPG industry working flat out, and I'm sure it won't have time to develop a kit for an older car such as yours.

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  • For what it's worth

    UNLESS you're passionate about the car I would recommend selling it. Old cars deteriorate rapidly if not well looked after, and that means regularly driving them, regularly changing the oil and so on. If you're not an old-car enthusiast it's best to sell it to someone who is. Your Benz, though it would no doubt be attractive to a Mercedes enthusiast, will increase in value to any great extent. The cost of keeping it is likely to exceed any increase in value that may occur. I think you'd get $6000-$7000 for it depending on its condition. There are two ways of selling it: advertise it in the specialist press, or try contacting a Mercedes-Benz club.

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