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2024 LDV ET60 Pricing and Specs



The LDV ET60 2024 prices range from $92,990 for the basic trim level Dual Cab ET60 Electric to $92,990 for the top of the range Dual Cab ET60 Electric.

The LDV ET60 2024 comes in Dual Cab.

The LDV ET60 2024 is available in Electric. Engine sizes and transmissions vary from the Dual Cab 0.0L 1 SP Automatic to the Dual Cab 0.0L 1SP Automatic.

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All 2024 LDV ET60 pricing and specs

Dual Cab

2024 LDV ET60 Specs Price
Electric Specs: Electric, 1 SPEED AUTOMATIC Price: $92,990

2019 LDV T60 Trailrider is lacking power

The first question is have you tried changing the setting on the throttle controller? The U4 setting on this unit is slightly towards the lazy side of throttle response. Maybe a switch to U8 or U9 will give the throttle response the perkiness you are looking for.

A poor quality snorkel can definitely impede airflow and, therefore, power production, but so can a poor tune, dirty fuel filter, worn injectors, worn fuel pump, a blocked DPF, gummed up intake manifold and about a thousand other things. Is the turbocharger working properly and all the associated plumbing tight and leak-free? This can also cause a loss of power due to lost turbo-boost.

You really need to have a fiddle with the throttle controller to determine whether the problem as you see it is a lack of throttle response or, indeed, a lack of performance in an outright sense. For the record, 11.1 litres per 100km is not, depending on how and where you drive, unusual for this vehicle.

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I am losing power when accelerating in my 2020 LDV T60 Trailrider

Any time the engine revs up but the car doesn't go any faster, you're a fair chance to have an issue with either the automatic transmission or the clutch in a manual car.

If an automatic doesn't accelerate when you give it some throttle, our suspicions would be with either the torque converter, something inside the transmission itself or the unit is low on transmission fluid. If a manual car does the same thing, it's usually a poorly adjusted or worn out clutch that is slipping, allowing the engine to rev up, but not transfer that power to the wheels.

Your car would have come with a five-year/130,000km warranty, so if it hasn't exceeded that kilometre limit, it should still be under factory cover. So make sure LDV fixes it as per the warranty terms and conditions.

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Why is the Power steering pump in my 2021 LDV G10 making a grinding noise?

Your vehicle is interesting as it continues to use the old-tech hydraulic power steering, rather than the newer, more efficient electric power steering. This newer technology is simpler and potentially more reliable, but is used mainly because it saves a few drops of fuel.

In the case of your car, noise from a power-steering pump is often caused initially by low fluid. The power steering fluid doesn't just provide the hydraulic pressure to help you steer the car, it also lubricates the moving parts of the pump. If this fluid runs low, that lubrication doesn't happen, and the pump will wear quite quickly to the point where it seizes. It's a bit of a surprise that such a new vehicle would have this problem, but any sort of leak in the power steering system can lead to this low fluid level and the problems it causes. If you're lucky, the system might just need a top-up to make the noise go away. But if damage and wear has already started to occur, then the pump might be on the way out.

It's worth mentioning that your car is covered by a five-year/130,000km warranty. So, provided you haven't exceeded that mileage and the car has a documented service history, you may find that the problem is actually worthy of a warranty claim.

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