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The best of both worlds: Why Mitsubishi's plug-in hybrid tech is tailor-made for Australia

  • 21 September 2021
  • 7 min read

Australians are known around the world for their spirit of adventure, and for their love of innovative, smart technology. We invented WiFi, after all, and that's without even mentioning one of the most cutting-edge inventions of all-time — the mighty Hills Hoist.

What's more, we like being green, too: our love of weekend getaways, road trips and getting our hands dirty is matched only by our connection to nature, with some of the world's most amazing natural wonders in our own backyard.

The Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) technology in the 2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is tailor-made for a vast country that's rich in experiences, a playground offering endless once-in-a-lifetime adventures waiting to be unlocked.

So let's hop in and go.

What makes it so easy and green?

Plug-in hybrid EV is arguably the most flexible powertrain technology on sale today: you can drive one just as you would drive a regular vehicle, but with the option of zero-emission electric driving when you want it.

Plug-in hybrid Australia

A PHEV is unmatched in its versatility, with the combination of electric drive with zero-emissions, and hybrid efficiency, giving you the freedom to roam 'Range Free' - and the technology is available in Australia right now

PHEV cars in Australia

When it comes to plug-in hybrid cars in Australia, few know more about it than Mitsubishi. And the new Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid brings together the latest tech in a savvy, easy to live with package offering zero-emission driving with zero compromise. It's a clever, green SUV that's just as adept day-to-day as it is in chasing that weekend adventure or road trip.

How? The Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid EV technology employs a 13.8kWh drive battery to power two electric motors enabling zero-emission driving for clean, green motoring, coupled with the safety and surety of an optimised and efficient conventional engine for the seamless backup of hybrid operation on longer journeys - giving you the best of both worlds.

Compromises? Not with a PHEV...

Advanced PHEV technology has been engineered into the Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid to deliver a completely integrated package for a no-compromise SUV. From trend-setting style, safety and practicality through to the Mitsubishi Super-All Wheel Control all-terrain traction system, the Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid delivers all the benefits of Mitsubishi ownership right down to the peace of mind of Mitsubishi's Diamond Advantage – Australia's first 10-year new-car warranty with 10-year capped-price servicing.

Driving with zero-emissions

Whisper quiet, smooth and calm zero-emission driving is at your fingertips in a PHEV. In fact, it's perfect for the daily commute, shopping trip or heading around town in complete comfort and the environmental benefits of zero-emission driving. Most Australians travel an average of 36.4km each day, meaning the Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid's 55* kilometres is far more than most of us need to make the most of each day.

What if there's no battery charge – can I drive it?

Saying yes to superior fuel economy, lower running costs and zero-emissions driving means saying no to worrying about electric range: the Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid powertrain will switch to Hybrid mode, utilising its conventional engine, when needed, meaning you won't have to search for a charging station. If you forget to charge the battery, it has you covered — even if the battery is flat, as the Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid has been cleverly engineered to keep you on the road and take you even further.

What's more, the Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid is so advanced that it will actually charge its battery for you as you drive, through features including regenerative braking – a clever way to top up the battery pack on the go – making it even easier to enjoy cleaner motoring and the advantages of electric driving every day.

Charge it anywhere and anyway you like

You can simply plug your PHEV into a standard power point that you already have at home. You won't be forced into expensive installations at home or work, and you can charge it wherever you can find an outlet – even at a friend's place! There's simply no compromise, no need for expensive equipment or charging subscriptions or otherwise. You can also use your smartphone to check the battery charge, activate or end charging, and even pre-heat or cool the cabin before your next drive**.

Which is why a car like the Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid won't leave you stranded with zero charge – it's a no-fuss green SUV.

Going the distance in the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid

Whether you're a city slicker going bush or live on the land miles from your nearest neighbour, the Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid's tech will get you there. Its Hybrid drive modes utilising the conventional engine bring a combined range in excess of 500 kilometres, and it's tuned to run on standard unleaded, so you won't be stranded looking for premium fuel nor have to fork out more hard-earned cash for it, either.

More than a hybrid: the Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid tech story

The technology-laden Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid is a packed with up-to-the-minute features that make life simpler, easier and fun. With a choice of trim levels, the interior packs as much tech as the super-efficient Plug-in hybrid powertrain, with tech available including a smart key with one-touch start, paddle shifters at your fingertips through to a head-up display that keeps your eyes on the road.

Clever connectivity brings both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability, easily operated by either voice command or convenient steering wheel buttons, to the 8.0-inch full colour touchscreen that doubles as a crisp, clear reversing camera – the Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid wants for nothing apart from your spirit of adventure.

That spirit has helped inspire the technology in the Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid EV, which enables you to travel far and wide in comfort yet tackle life's daily challenges with ease – and with a green glow of zero emission driving! That innovation and flexibility means that the Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid is tailor-made for anything Australia can throw at it. It's ready whenever you are: hop in and let's go on a green adventure!

So there you have it. A plug-in hybrid vehicle like the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is truly a best-of-both-worlds proposition. Green and keen in the city, but with the freedom that comes with knowing you can cross the country without ever having to plug in.

It's technology that is tailor-made for Australia.

More information on the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Plug-in Hybrid.

*55km is dyno lab test result according to NEDC driving cycle and does not represent real world driving.

**Must be within Wi-Fi range of the vehicle.