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Daewoo Problems

Are you having problems with your Daewoo? Let our team of motoring experts keep you up to date with all of the latest Daewoo issues & faults. We have gathered all of the most frequently asked questions and problems relating to the Daewoo in one spot to help you decide if it's a smart buy.

Daewoo Kalos 2004: What type of code-reader do I need to find a fault code?

There鈥檚 not a lot of good news here for the home mechanic, I鈥檓 afraid. No doubt some of the code-readers you can buy online will do the job, but it鈥檚 all a bit of a lottery. In many cases, you鈥檙e buying a code-reader from overseas, and while it might cover the car you own, it might be loaded with the software for a different version of the same model. Also, you can鈥檛 update the reader with new software as it becomes available and, in many cases, you鈥檒l need more than one code-reader to cover all of the car鈥檚 systems.

According to a lot of workshops, generic code-readers aren鈥檛 worth the bother and will often only give you the fault code-number, rather than an explanation of what the fault actually is. Sometimes, they鈥檒l just flash up a message that you should refer the problem to a dealership. Not very helpful.

I spoke to a Daewoo specialist workshop about this and was told that the code-readers worth bothering with start at about $8000 and go all the way to $12,000. Which, I imagine, is more than you wanted to spend.

Daewoo Kalos 2003: Burning oil smell from under the bonnet?

Is it using oil? Does it blow smoke from the exhaust? If the answer to those questions is no, then I would be looking for an oil leak from the engine.

Daewoo Nubira idle stepper motor

The idle stepper motor would seem to be an obvious cause of the problem, but look at doing things like cleaning the throttle body and making sure there are no vacuum leaks, which can sometimes cause a high idle speed. If you want to get it checked take it to a mechanic, the problem is more likely to be mechanical than electrical.

Daewoo oil and filter change

Changing oil and filters regularly is good insurance for ensuring the longevity of your engine, and 5000 km is a good interval. I wouldn't change it.

Daewoo Lanos won't start

That's a long time to be sitting without being started. Drain the fuel tank and put fresh fuel in it, and check that you're getting spark at the spark plug.

Ask Smithy Xtra Starting trouble and egg smell

It is common for cars running E10 fuel to be a little more difficult to start than they are on regular unleaded. Try unleaded and see if the problem persists. A rotten egg smell is usually a sign of a problem with the catalytic converter.

Ask Smithy Xtra Matiz stalls when it's hot

I assume it鈥檚 stalling on start-up and not stalling once it鈥檚 up and going. I would be checking the cold enrichment system, which seems fine in cold conditions, but not doing the job on warmer days.

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