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Zombie survival vehicle

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Hyundai has rolled out the ultimate Zombie Survival Machine, complete with all the specialised armour and arsenal you'll need to see you through any zombie apocalypse. Razor-wired windows? Check. Bristling array of protruding knife blades? Check. Three machine guns, automatic crossbow and samurai sword? Yep, it's all here, dressed in aluminium armour and grungy urban camo.

The winning result of a fan-based competition -- from US owner of a Hyundai Santa Fe, Anson Kuo -- the Zombie Survival Machine was chosen from more than 82,500 entries submitted on the brand's Walking Dead Chop Shop configurator app. Kuo based the design on his own SUV, with the result built by Galpin Auto Sports and unveiled at the New York Comic-Con.

"My main design goal was to make the vehicle as stealthy and spacious as possible," said Kuo. "I knew knives and blades would be the best bet for weaponry - they could slice and dice the zombies without releasing any ammunition.

"Basing the design on the Santa Fe allows space for extra passengers as well as weapons, supplies and all the other necessary items needed during a real zombie apocalypse."

This is the second zombie survival vehicle to bear a Hyundai badge -- playing off their product placement in the hit TV series The Walking Dead and their partnership with creator of the original graphic novels, Robert Kirkman. Last year saw Kirkman himself design a vehicle based on the Hyundai Elantra, which went on show at the 2012 Comic-Con.

See video of the Robert Kirkman Zombie Survival Vehicle here.

It looked sensational, but if it came down to a choice between the two, we're with Kuo. When the apocalypse comes, the better fuel economy of the Elantra might be atrractive, but you're going to need a vehicle with the extra space and ride height of the Santa Fe to truly do meaningful battle.

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