World class secret Aussie race track

10 December 2012
, The Telegraph
World class secret Aussie race track
Private race track at Kulnura on the NSW Central Coast. Picture: Liam Driver Source: The Daily Telegraph.

It's not Monaco, the Nurburgring or even Oran Park - this racetrack is Sydney's best-kept secret.

The privately owned road in Kulnura, on the Central Coast, is a 5.1km Formula One-style track with 22 turns, described by one motorsport champion as the second-best track in the world.

The track, which is said to have cost $10 million, was built by car enthusiast and former Coca-Cola Amatil boss Dean Wills after he lost his licence for speeding on the old Pacific Highway in 1996.

Mr Wills wanted to enjoy his growing fleet of exotic cars - which included the only McLaren racing car ever sold privately - without having to worry about oncoming traffic.

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