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Updated 2024 Tesla Model 3 deliveries to resume in Australia as early as within the coming week with ADR issue addressed

Tesla has told waiting customers their updated Model 3s will be available as early as the end of January.

Discussions in Tesla owner forums and groups have revealed that many Tesla Model 3 customers waiting on paused deliveries of the updated 2024 car will soon be able to take delivery.

A communication to waiting Model 3 customers from the brand says the ADR fault that caused the lack of access to the central rear seat top-tether anchorage point for child seats, is being addressed.

Some Tesla forum and group members have posted their expected delivery dates for their updated 2024 Model 3s, many as early as January 30th.

"Thank you for your patience as we navigate the technical compliance matter that caused the cancellation of your Model 3 delivery appointment," the communiqué reads.

"We are pleased to advise that we are finalising this matter by ensuring access to the vehicle's rear-centre seat top-tether restraint anchorage point. At this time, we expect to recommence deliveries in the coming week where your order will be prioritised for delivery.

"Once again, we sincerely apologise for this inconvenience, and we look forward to getting you behind the wheel of your new Model 3 as soon as possible."

As good as the Model 3 and Y are, not everyone wants those types of cars.

The updated Model 3 fell victim to Australian Design Rules, or ADRs, specifically ADR 34/02, Child Restraint Anchorages and Child Restraint Anchor Fittings, after it was found its middle top-tether anchor point was inaccessible, a requirement under the ADR.

The updated model's rear parcel shelf covers the tether point, though the anchor still exists in the bodywork and likely only requires an alteration to the parcel shelf to pass the rules.
Tesla customers and owners who have received communications from the brand have said in posts that Tesla hasn't specified how the problem has been addressed.

Possibly related, though unconfirmed by either party involved, is ANCAP's announcement within the last fortnight that it was removing the updated Model 3's five-star safety rating, saying "information provided to ANCAP by Tesla confirming the five-star safety rating for the Tesla Model 3 cannot be applied to facelifted vehicles at this time".

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