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Lime scooters and e-bikes now available with a subscription

Mobility company Lime is now allowing users to subscribe for a low weekly fee.

Urban mobility company Lime has announced a new subscription service for its scooter and e-bike services in Australia.

The LimePass subscription forgoes the $1 per ride fee that users would usually pay - instead, customers who are frequent users can subscribe to the service for $5.99 per week.

So, if you use a Lime scooter or e-bike more than six times a week, you’ll be ahead. The service offers unlimited unlocks of bikes or scooters to users, though the usual distance-based charging remains.

Mitchell Price, Lime’s head of government relations, said this subscription plan is the first of its kind in the world or urban mobility.

“We know that more than 50 per cent of our riders worldwide trust Lime for their commutes and personal daily trips around the city. With our new LimePass service, we’re proud to offer them a more cost-efficient way to get around town and manage their busy schedules.”

The subscription service is able to be activated through the Lime smartphone app.

The company has also announced a new Group Ride function recently, which launched in Brisbane. Group Ride allows a single user to unlock multiple scooters using one account, and the brand reckons it could appeal to those who want to see their city with their friends or family.

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