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Ford set to double XR8 production

Orders for the new Falcon are coming in quicker than Ford can build them for the first time in over a decade.

2015 FG X Falcon XR8 orders exceed expectations ahead of showroom debut.

Ford's Broadmeadows car factory was given a boost this week with the new Falcon going into production -- and demand is already outstripping supply, a situation Ford hasn't found itself in for more than a decade.

Demand is so strong for the new Falcon XR8 performance flagship -- at $55,000 the most expensive model in the range -- that Ford is urgently trying to double production of that particular model.

Several dealers have sold out of their initial allocation and orders being taken today will be delivered in March.

We've been overwhelmed by the customer response

Ford only planned to build fewer than 1500 of its XR8 sports sedan over the next two years, roughly 10 per cent of the Falcon's sales mix -- even though 37 per cent of all new Commodores sold today are a V8.

"We are definitely looking at increasing XR8 volume, it's fair to say we've been overwhelmed by the customer response," said Ford marketing manager David Katic.

"It's now a matter of going back to (parts) suppliers to see if we can increase our orders."

The XR8 has the same supercharged 5.0-litre found in the previous Falcon GT and comes with the same performance brakes, sports suspension and wider tyres -- but it costs at least $20,000 less than the old Falcon GT.