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App turns your car into a cute exotic

A shortened Leyland P76 just looks like ... well, a shorter Leyland P76.

It won't put a new car in your driveway, but it will let you modify photos of your old banger -- or any other car, ute or garbage truck, for that matter -- and turn them into funky screensavers and online avatars.

You don't need any sophisticated image manipulation software.

The app imports your photo, then prompts you to pinpoint the car's wheels and use them to 'slide' it nto a shortened chop-shop custom job.

The app makers says Squash My Car can turn a photo of just about any vehicle into a modified beauty.

A Leyland P76 was probably a challenge too hard. A shortened one just looks like ... well, a shorter Leyland P76. And there's still no beauty about it.

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