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That's Serious

MY 2006 Nissan Pathfinder has developed an intermittent fault with the stability control system. When it occurs, the warning light comes on and the engine power is reduced without warning. It's a serious safety concern when overtaking, and recently I had a near miss with a truck on the highway. This fault has existed since early last year and was confirmed by Nissan in September. Nissan has had the vehicle for more than 10 weeks trying to rectify the fault. They have replaced wheel sensors, a rear diff and performed many tests, all to no avail. Nissan has been very coy about what has caused this problem. Have you or any other readers experienced this problem?

I haven't and yours is the first report we've had at carsGuide. And you're right, it is a serious problem that could be dangerous. Nissan's reluctance to discuss the problem may be because they don't know what is causing it. That they have the car and are working on it is a positive step. Don't take the car back until they can demonstrate to your satisfaction it has been fixed.